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13 Tips MUDAH untuk menangkap gambar yang AWESOME ketika travel!

[NEWBIES VERSION] - professional mohon jangan kecam saya hehe

1.travel bersama rakan yang pandai ambil gambar. 

 2. Kalau tak pandai xpe, janji kawan sporting untuk tolong ambilkan gambar. 

3. Kalau rakan travel tak sporting juga, takpe, cool je, bawa tripod sendiri atau pastikan muka tebal tak malu tersipu-sipu untuk tegur strangers dan minta depa ambilkan gambar. Boleh jadi, ini menjadi satu titik pertemuan jodoh korang. Ahaksss.

4. Google terlebih dahulu gambar-gambar di tempt yang bakal anda pergi, ambil feel dan berangan dulu gambar bagaimana yang anda impikan atau scroll balik gambar kawan-kawan yang pernah dulu buat korang jeles kat instagram. 

5. Ambil ribuan gambar, cuba sahaja dari pelbagai sudut, depan, belakang, jauh, dekat, angel atas, dll.


6. Pastikan bawa extra SD card, bawa laptop supaya boleh transfer gambar atau ada account yang boleh synckan gambar, seperti Dropbox, Google Drive atau MEGA ; kot2 memori phone penuh, lepas sync, boleh delete terus.

7.Bila pose, set mode : POYO habis,baru feel bila ambil gambar. tak perlu cover macho/ayu. Karang belek2 gambar dalam kamera otw flight balik Msia nyesal tak sudah tak cuba posing poyo2, nangislah dalam kapal terbang sorang2...

   8. Pelbagaikan pose! Antara pose blh cuba; gaya Titanic, gaya meditasi, gaya kuak lentang, gaya I believe I can fly dll

 9. pastikan gambar nature lebih banyak dari anda. Masukkan elemen alam dalam setiap foto. Awan, burung, ataupun cahaya matahari akan menambah warna di setiap subject foto. Kita berjalan bukan untuk ambil gambar diri sendiri semata, tapi nak gambar nature belakang awak tu. Ye dok?

10. Lokasi2 favorite: gambar2 rare cantik selalunya top view,atas bukit2/gunung2 timggi, dalam hutan simpan, tepi tasik, dekat air terjun. bersedialah kaki untuk hike tinggi2 dan basah2 sedikit. Kalau tak nak hike, blh labur sedikit duit untuk cable car untuk sampai ke puncak (jika ada)

11. Kalau nak gambar nampak extra international gitu, ambil gambar dengan tourist-entah-siapa di sebelah. Pastikan dapat kebenaran dulu okay, esp jika ambil gambar anak-anak kecil comey comey. Jangan selamba badak sangat. Orang putih sangat overprotective dengan anak mereka dan dianggap rude jika ambil gambar tanpa kebenaran parents. Silap2 balik hostel dengan penampar sebiji hinggap di muka. Sape susah?

12. kalau ada extra cash, invest on magic camera, bila tangkap terus cantik abes, seperti mirrorless/iphone& handphone latest model.

13. Photography ni banyak rules; tapi jangan terlalu rigid dengan rules tersebut, just be yourself (extra excited+poyo) and enjoy!

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What travel has taught me?

Here to sum up #my2015travelstories  150pics in 1 photo

-drove from Prague to Dečin, hiked Česky Scyčarsko, Bohemian Switzerland, and drove to Dresden to hike Saxon Switzerland
-drove and traveled around Germany- Berlin, Frankfurt, Aachen, Berchtesgaden, Potsdam, Greifswald, Hamburg, Hannover; i thank God for giving the Deutsche the idea to create highways without speed limit! 
-drove to south Germany, hiked in the Schwarzwald "Black Forest"
-epic family Euro-trip :: 
-drove from Prague to The Netherlands in Schipol airport  - travel in Amsterdam, Zaanse Schan 
-drove around Belgium - Gents
-drove around France - Paris, Metz 
-drove around Switzerland - Basel, Interlaken, Lausanne, Rhinefall; the views from the window are to die for!
-drove around Luxembourg; 
-drove around Austria - Salzburg, Vienna, Graz, Parndorf Designer Outlet ; 
-drove around Poland- Gdansk, Warsaw, Morskie Oko (for hiking)
-road trip to Baltic states; drove around Estonia- tallin
-drove around in Latvia - riga
-drove around in Lithuania - Kaunas, Vilnius, Nida the Curonian Spit
-travel back home in Malaysia : a lot of food hunting and awesome holiday; best! Cuma byk tol! 
-Bangkok, thailand; 24hour transit 
-Istanbul, turkey; 24hour transit 
-travel to Portugal : Lisbon, Sintra, Lagos - with Samantha @ Rute. They are shmayzing!!!
-Road trip and drove from Olomouc to Slovenia through Austria : Bled, Bohinj, Mount Vogel, Ljubljana, Postojna Cave, Maribor



The amount of gratitude I experienced came on many levels. I really appreciated the opportunity to be able to travel as well as what I already had back home. I met a woman on my travels that really placed emphasis on the importance of taking the time to be thankful for things in your life daily and how you will receive more by doing so. Taking it on board straight away, I started voicing my thank you to life and looking for things to be thankful for. A deep appreciation for what I have each day, the people I meet and the challenges that come my way has opened my heart to the blessings that are existent every single day.

2. Stepping outside your comfort zone is not as hard, as you think

One of the most important life lessons that traveling can teach you is that stepping out of your comfort zone is OK. Just as in everyday life, you get far more from traveling, when you try something a little different. Go beyond just the capital cities of major western countries, which all look pretty much the same anyway, and you will find a whole new world of experiences to explore. Yes, it will be different and yes, at times, it can be scary, but step outside your comfort zone and you will find new precious experiences, you will find that it’s worth it.

3.You Learn to be More Adventurous.

Travel has a way of bringing people out of their shell.It will bring a side out of you that you might otherwise never would have known existed. This is my favorite side, the adventure side. As you start facing more fears, you become more fearless  Next life lesson that traveling can teach you is being able to take risks. There are bad people in the world, but, there are vastly more good people. If you weighed up all the risks in life, you probably wouldn’t even step outside your front door. Traveling teaches you to be more adventurous, but it also teaches you that by taking sensible precautions, you can minimize risk.

4.Live in the moment

Travel can also teach you to live in the moment by being in constant awe of your surroundings. When you are in a new place, you tend to pay attention to the smells, scenery and noises around you more than you would at home. If you do this long enough while traveling, it can become a habit so that when you get home you may find yourself viewing your surroundings in the eyes of a traveler.Also, you will find that things do not always go as planned when you are traveling. You learn to go with the flow and make the best of what is thrown at you.

5.Teaches You not to Stress Over the Small Stuff.

Travel teaches you how to handle the small things. Getting lost, your atm card getting denied, pickpocket or getting stuck in traffic when you should already be at the airport are all examples of small stresses on the road.

However, after confronting these problems a few times, I’ve learned that things seem to fix themselves. Plus, these tiny stressful moments usually become the stories I share with others. Travel teaches you not to worry about the things that aren’t worth your time and energy.

6.You Learn the Life Lesson not to be Materialistic and Selfish.

When everything you have fits in a backpack, you realize just how little you really need.Living in hostels, meeting locals less fortunate than you, and traveling with people from all over the world teaches you how to be considerate of others and share what you have.Many people are surprised by the kindness they encounter when traveling, and it only makes them eager to pay it forward.

7. It Breaks Down Your Walls

When you spend time with different cultures and see the kindness of strangers, it breaks down the stereotypes. You learn that 99 percent of the people in the world, really are good people. In fact, you realize that you actually share more things in common than what you could imagine. Most people want a better world, peace and happiness, and they are willing to reach out to help their fellow human beings.

8.Never Stop Dreaming and DREAM BIG

Once people plan and accomplish a big travel goal, they realize how easy it is to achieve their dreams when they really put their mind to it. Some people are afraid to dream; afraid that it will only lead to failure.

Other people let their dreams stay exactly that….dreams. Travel can give you the drive to turn your dreams into your reality.

9.Our day to day problems are not such a big deal: 

Sometimes we tend to live in a little box and think that our problems are monumental. But compared to what some people have to deal with on a day to day basis, many of our problems really are not that bad.

10. Travel Teaches You to Make the Most of Each Moment.

Life is short and the older I get the more I realize how short it really is. Each day is a new beginning, a fresh awakening, a beautiful opportunity for something wonderful to happen. And each day comes with a choice
How are you going to spend it? Too often, people get lost in the rut wasting away precious minutes. Traveling makes you aware that there is so much more to see, learn, and experience.

Yes, travel does change people. It will stretch your limits, open your eyes, and blow your mind. It will cause you to deal with things that most people put off all their lives and it will allow you to explore beyond your dreams. It has its cost but also its rewards and I firmly believe that it is truly beneficial to those who embrace it. No matter what stage of the game you are in, consider making travel apart of it.

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2016 New year Resolutions baby!

I'm an avid goal setter. Call me a nerd,  I believe in short-term goals may lead to long term success. Having goals keeps me motivated, stay on track and yes, enjoying the journey too. Hence, every year, renewing new year resolutions is my forte. Although I couldn't achieve 80-100% in my previous 2015 resolutions, Alhamdulillah I'm truly grateful because Allah gave me more than i could ever wish for. 

I hope its not too late to wish you a Happy 2016 😘 Never give up on your dreams! May the force be with you 😊 
Ich wünsche Ihnen allen ein sehr glückliches, gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr 2016! 

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Central Europe itinerary, the ULTIMATE CHEAP

One problem that nearly everyone faces when choosing European cities to visit is that the most popular ones also tend to be the most expensive. Many people start with Londononly to discover that it feels like they are being pick-pocketed all day because trivial-sounding expenses add up so quickly.

Paris and Rome are almost as bad when it comes to your budget, so once you’ve hit the highlights you might be in the mood to travel through places that are wonderful and relatively cheap at the same time.

With that in mind we’ve created a perfect itinerary for those who want to spend between 2 and 4 weeks in Europe on something of a modest budget. There are cheaper cities for sure, but most of the cheapest ones are quite remote and may not be as memorable as the ones we’ve included below. Check the European Backpacker Index to see all major cities ranked by price, and that the ones below are all in the top group.

Best four cheap European cities to visit TOGETHER

Berlin - Prague - Budapest - Krakow

Each of the cities listed above is strong enough to be the highlight of almost any trip, and fortunately they are relatively close together so they work really well as a group. On the map they sort of form a box, so skipping one is easy, and there are plenty of side stops and trips possible in between for shorter or longer stays.

Getting there and back

While none of these cities is among the cheapest in Europe to fly into, at least 3 of them have cheap enough flights that it’s worth flying directly into one of them.

Of the four cities, Berlin will have the cheapest inbound flights from almost anywhere, and Krakow usually only has cheap flights from within Europe. So your best bet is to check airfares from your city to each of these four, and fly into the cheapest of them.

In many cases you can save the most money by buying a one-way ticket into one of them and a one-way ticket back out of another of them, but you have to price them out to see. Keep in mind that if you buy a round-trip ticket it means most of a day and about 50 to 70 to get back to that first city, so an “open jaw” ticket might still be a better deal even if it’s 100 more.

Getting between the cities

There’s little doubt that the most enjoyable way to get between these cities (and most European cities) is by train, but you do have two other main options to consider, namely, flights and buses.


With the exception of Berlin and Prague, which are about 5 hours apart, these cities are about 10 hours apart by train, and therefore perfect for overnight journeys. If you are the type who sleeps well enough on trains, this method is ideal because you save a night in a hotel or hostel, and you still have all day to see the sights. Taking daytime trains obviously means more scenery, but some of them are quite a bit more expensive than the night trains.


If you can get a cheap train fare at a time that works well for you then it’s probably best to avoid all the hassles of flying and security and airport transportation. But if the train schedule doesn’t look great, it’s worth checking for low-cost flights between them. Some don’t appear on the aggragator sites so it’s worth checking whichbudget.com to see all your options in one place.


Rarely discussed in most circles, many don’t even know that most European cities have comfortable and cheap long-distance bus service between them. They aren’t as comfortable as trains, but often they are astonishingly cheap, especially if you find a promotional price. Check the Eurolines website and if you are skilled or patient enough to navigate its quirks, you might find a great deal on a bus that takes about the same time as a train.

These are the list of websites you should see for the best price.

https://www.busliniensuche.de/    (for international bus/train and car pooling mainly based in Germany)
http://www.studentagency.cz  (for international or domestic bus/train  mainly based in Czech Rep)
https://en.e-podroznik.pl/  (for international or domestic bus/train mainly based in Poland)
http://www.eurolines.com/en/   (international bus in Europe)
https://www.megabus.com/  (international bus in Europe, mainly based in the UK)
http://www.busabout.com/  (hop-on, hop-off bus if you're planning for a long journey in Europe)
http://www.eurail.com/  (if you prefer to have a single pass between specified countries, but it comes with a set time period)

Berlin, Germany

Backpacker Index: € 60 /day

Berlin Mitte. Berlin isn’t such an obvious tourist city, but it’s absolutely the kind of place where either you love it, or you’ve never been there. Everyone can find something to enjoy about it, partly because it’s especially trendy and dynamic lately as a new hub of European and world culture, picking up where London and Paris left off.

One challenge is that Berlin is a huge and spread-out city, so it’s important to choose where you stay wisely. Most budget travelers will prefer the former East Berlin section around Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, which is where most hostels are as well as the best and cheapest nightlife and shopping. 

What to see and do in Berlin

Start with the Berlin Free Walking Tour on your first morning, and you’ll have enough ideas for what to do for the rest of your stay from that alone. But mainly Berlin is about exploring the weird and funky neighborhoods for food, shopping, nightlife and not forgetting its interesting history. Fortunately, most of it is quite cheap as well.

Prague, Czech Republic

Backpacker Index: 45 / day (can be less)

Prague Charles view! You may not realize that most large cities in this part of Europe were practically flattened during WWII and then rebuilt just after. Fortunately, Prague is one where the historic center survived mostly intact, and it remains one of the continent’s most beautiful and interesting. The downside is that the city center is almost always packed with other tourists, so you might have to work around them a bit.

Prague is also fairly compact, with most things walking distance from each other. The city is also quite cheap still, at least compared to Western Europe, although hotel prices can seem high if you want to stay in the middle. Check our list of recommended cheap Prague hotels for some really good ones only a quick and cheap tram ride away.

What to see and do in Prague

Aside from the famous clock in the town square, Prague has a few other very worthwhile checklist attractions. The Prague Castle is one of the largest and most incredible in Europe, and the Charles Bridge and its statues feels like you should have to pay to cross it.

There is plenty more to fill a few days, plus you can catch a cheap classical concert in one of the many venues offering them, or just indulge in cheap and excellent beer like everyone else.

Budapest, Hungary

Backpacker Index: € 30 /day

Budapest Riverview. Though it’s in the heart of part of Europe that isn’t known for being well off, Budapest is quite a grand city that makes it feel rather rich. Still, it’s among the cheapest European cities, and it offers very good value. Even if the castle up on the Buda side of the river isn’t a stunner, and that the parliament building on the Pest side is a copy of the one in London, this is an attractive city with a feel of its own.

Budapest is also compact enough that budget travelers can stay in the cheap hotels and hostels a bit inland on the Pest side, and still walk everywhere while sightseeing. The Free Budapest Walking Tour covers highlights on both sides, and is a great introduction.

What to see and do in Budapest

During daylight hours, Budapest has the standard selection of monuments and museums in addition to its castle complex, but separates itself from other big cities with its abundant hot springs and spas. Tourists can easily mix with locals and take a dip at a modest fee in one of the unique facilities spread around town.

At night, however, Budapest really comes into its own, with some of the most interesting nightlife in Europe. Head for what are known as “ruin pubs” on the Pest side in the old Jewish Quarter to quaff cheap drinks in converted courtyards that each has its own weird vibe.

Krakow, Poland

Backpacker Index: € 24 /day

Krakow Square. When you hear that Krakow is among the very cheapest cities in Europe you might not expect much. But in reality, Krakow is also one of Europe’s loveliest and most pleasant cities, with quite a lot to do. At its center you’ll find about 30 square blocks of a historic medieval town, surrounded by a peaceful park, and with an enormous cafe-lined town square at its heart.

For those who like hearty portions of meats and sausages, Krakow is wonderful, but there are also many Italian and other international cuisines, including many vegetarian options, so something for everyone. Hotels just on or near the central square are reasonable, but you can stay for a lot less by going a few blocks away.

What to see and do in Krakow

As in many other cities, taking the Krakow Free Walking Tour is a great way to get oriented on your first day so you’ll know what you want to explore more deeply. You can also cover many of the main central sights on that tour, which leaves time for day trips and hanging out. Sad though it may be, a half-day trip to nearby Auschwitz is something you’ll never forget, and there is a fun salt mine attraction not far away as well.

Settled in 10th century, Kraków is one of the oldest towns in Poland. The 500 years when Kraków was the capital is though to be the golden age of the country, when the most prominent buildings were built, the most beautiful artworks created and a great cultural progress was made.
Though the prices have risen the past couple of years, Poland is still so much cheaper than most European countries. You can get a full meal in a nice restaurant for about 9.

And most of them speak English very well. Kids in Poland start to learn English in kindergarden and most young people speak the language fluently. Compared to France or Italy, it’s a paradise for English speakers so don’t hesitate to ask for directions or even start a conversation at a bar. Just be careful with what you’re saying in public transport, as most of the people actually understand you.

So, there goes. Happy traveling guys!